I have experience in teaching guitar to novice and advanced students for the past 20 years - hundreds of students from ages 5 to 75. I have taught in 3 different countries, from individual lessons to small groups lessons and large group seminars.
I am a classically trained guitarist, while I also have extensive experience in teaching electric & acoustic guitar.My goal is to provide the ideal individualized lesson that fits best to the learner and the situation. I would like to address your needs to maximize your success in your musical performance.
My approach to each lesson with you is to provide an efficient learning experience. I have the resources and expertise to offer you a wide range of tools that will allow you to appreciate what modern technology has to offer today. For example, did you know that your computer or iPhone or iPad can help you learn in your musical approach and may provide a "fun-factor" that you have never experienced before? The new generation of technology can make a huge difference in outcome and the enjoyment level of your musical experience. I can guide you in the use of this modern technologies if you wish to combine this in your musical instruction.